Blitz online chess trophy – Sunday 26 April

  1. Structure: Open Swiss system, blitz , 9 rounds (Elo blitz ratings will be taken into account).
  2. The game room: :
  3. Time per game: 3 min + 2 sec / move;
  4. PROGRAM: Sunday, April 26, from 3:00 pm to 4:30 pm(Bucharest time)
  5. PARTICIPATION RATES: 7 euro until Friday 24.04, 9 euro for the week-end 25.04.-26.04
  6. PRIZES (guaranteed to a number of 30 participants, increase or decrease percentage depending on the number of participants):

1st place: 20 euro + Cup + Certificate

2nd place: 15 euro + Certificate

3rd place: 10 euro + Certificate

4th place: 10 euro+ Certificate

Women’s 1st place: 10 euro + Certificate

Under 1600 Elo 1st place: 10 euro + Certificate

Under 10 years 1st place: 10 euro + Certificate

Not rated 1st place: 10 euro + Certificate

Lucky place places: 10,20,30,40,50,60,70,80,100: Invitation (no participation fee will be paid) to one of the contests organized by us in the future, at the player’s choice

The prizes will be paid by payment order in the account from which the participation fee was paid.

The Cup will be sent by courier. The Certificate will be sent by email.

Those who for technical reasons will not be able to connect to the contest line, will be able to play at one of the future competitions, or upon request will be refunded the fee.

PAYMENT OF THE PARTICIPATION FEES is made with the mention Competition fee in the Bank Account: RO68BTRLRONCRT0PB3973501, Cs Șah Club Galați, Cod fiscal 25559882

RO15BTRLEURCRT0PB3973501, Cs Șah Club Galați, Cod fiscal 25559882.

*Or to our club’s PayPal account :


The entries are made by specifying the first and last name, the ID on, through the proof of payment of the tax at:

Contact:, after which the player will join the club, and an hour before the start will access the tournament link

Barbu Simon – tel.004 0752.592.122, Jugaru Lucian – tel. 004 0744.131.263

An anti-cheating commission will be set up for any complaints. The use of any kind of assistance is forbidden, those who violate this rule are disqualified and have no access to future tournaments. Also, those detected by in violation of the anti-cheating rules, will be disqualified, having no access to our tournaments.